Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Craft Room

Hello Everyone,

I finally have my very own space for crafting and I also do some office work in here as well.  I had been sharing this space with my husband but he very kindly moved his desk out.  This has been a dream of mine for some time and I am enjoying it so much.  It is a little room on the side of my garage but it does have air conditioning and a heater.  I have tried to make it pretty but very useable as well.  So, here are some of the pictures:

Here is the view as you come in the outside door:
 My copier is mixed in with a bird cage display of beautiful cards I have received, some ribbon spools and a basket full of rosette trims:
 There are plenty of shelves on this wall to house some of the many glass jars I use to put all my lovely crafty items in.  It is inspiring as well as very useable to see the items that I have.  This is also where I do my sewing.
 This is my view of the river.  The corner unit is on wheels and I have both my Cricut and Sillhouette on it so I can move it around to use.
 The top of the armoire has my dyed and crinkled seam binding in a wire basket as well as my vintage off white laces and baker's twine.  The armoire houses many supplies and tools. 
 This is my computer work area.  The top shelf has many of my flowers separated in glass jars by color.  The shelf has clear plastic boxes with my fibers by organized by color, brads, beads, etc.  I have found that for me organizing by color works the best.
 A close up of my flowers in the jars:
 I put my buttons in little glasses - all separated by color.
 This is my regular desk area.  The jars on top have miscellaneous ribbons organized by color.  The turning stand on top of the file cabinet has my glitters, gesso, glues, etc.
 A closer view of over my desk:
 An even closer view:
 This took a while, but all my beads are sorted by color in this tool organizer.  It works so well for me and is handy to have right on my desk.
Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Thanks for stopping by.


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